BlitzSonic engine uses XML Parser as a method to parse Level informations including Objects,Stage models,Player Start and Stage informations, By default vanilla engine Parses infos from 3 different XML Files (Stages.xml,Stage.xml and Config.xml) Any mistake written in these XML Files could lead the Engine to not load Properly or to crash.

  • Stage.xml

Each stage folder must Have a "Stage.xml" As it is used to load Level meshes, objects and other details. You need to specify Which parts of the stage are loaded where. For example, the X and Z axis are for sideways and forwards, respectively and the Y axis is for up and down.

Example :

<object type="spring">

<position x="49.1138" y="-3.23819" z="224.992"/>

<rotation pitch="0.0" yaw="0.0" roll="0.0"/>


  • Stages.xml is found in Stages folder and it is used to Specify which stage will the engine load,it is Useful for developers as a Basic level loading method that Could be easily updated for loading more then 1 Stage .
  • Config.xml is found in the Main folder and it's used to configure BlitzSonic (Screen,Mouse,Keyboard,Gamepad,Visuals) ,BlitzSonic doesn't feature a gamemenu However Config.xml will make it easy to designe a Menu that is Linked to it