The following lines are default commands detected by XML Parser and automatically Parsed by BlitzSonic,each XML File has it's own commands for an easier setting up .

Keep in mind the Following commands may Have been Modified later in some Games
based off Blitz Sonic

Stage.xml Edit

This XML File is used to parse every detail in the Stage including Music and Objects and Models .. etc

Informations section Edit


  • This section is used for main Stage informations including Skybox, Background Music, Ambient Light and Water level


Stage background Music Edit

  • <music>music.filetype</music> "Plays a Music while playing stage"

Skybox Model and Location Edit

  • <skybox>Skydome/Sky.b3d</skybox>

Stage Global illumination (Ambient Light) Edit

  • <ambientlight r="140" g="190" b="200"/>

Water level Edit

  • <water on="1" level="5" /> "1 Means water is on and 0 means water is off"

Meshes Section Edit

  • This section defines Which,How and Where Models will be loaded in stage

<animmesh filename="Stage/Stage.b3d" visible="1" collision="1">

<position x="0.0" y="0.0" z="0.0"/>

<rotation pitch="0.0" yaw="0.0" roll="0.0"/> Manually rotate the Model

<scale x="0.1" y="0.1" z="0.1"/> Manually scale the Model


<color r="255" g="255" b="255"/>



Visible Edit

  • Toggles visibility of Model (1 = On,0 = Off)

Collision Edit

  • Toggles collision of Model (1 = On,0 = Off)

Attributes Edit

  • Sets an Ambient Light for the Affected model

Objects Section Edit

  • This section is used to load objects in the Stage

Object Edit

  • Loads an Object type in the Specified Position

<object type="spring"> Object type

<position x="220.0" y="236.0" z="1875.0"/> Object Position

<rotation pitch="45.0" yaw="-45.0" roll="0.0"/> Object Rotation (Optional)

</object> Separates between each object (Important)

Config.xml Edit

This XML File is used to Configure the way the game should run .

Graphics Section Edit

  • This Section is used to set the Screen Resolution and other Graphical settings in the game


<screen width="1366" height="768" depth="32" fullscreen="1" vsync="0"/> Change screen Resolution


<EMBM enabled="1" debug="1" poweroftwo="1" borderfix="1"/>



Realistic Water effects Edit

  • EMBM enabled="1" Toggles Realistic Water effects (1 = On,0 = Off)