About Edit

The following commands were implemented to the XML Parser system of Sonic World , each one of them does a special action, Sonic World will still support any BlitzSonic stage Since none of the basic XML Commands has been Modified but may Require little changes to the Stage.xml file, The commands below will work just the way they do with BlitzSonic :

Hazards Edit

Deathmesh : Kills the player when touched Edit

  • <deathmesh filename="Stage/TWCC.b3d" visible="1" collision="1">

Hurtmesh : Hurts the Player when touched Edit

  • <hurtmesh filename="Stage/TWCJ2.b3d" visible="1" collision="1">

Blockmesh : Blocks the Player Edit

  • <blockmesh filename="Stage/TWCINVIS.b3d" visible="0" collision="1">

Others Edit

Skydome : Defines the model which will be used for the skybox, (Used to be skybox) Edit

  • <skydome>Skydome/Sky.b3d</skydome>

Compatibility Edit

These commands will not work for vanilla BlitzSonic and are going to crash the engine, therefore it's necessary to set the Hazards commands to animmesh and Skydome to skybox before loading any Stage .